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Improving your Dress Sense

Improving your Dress Sense

Everyone can learn how to dress in a way thats stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, suits ones lifestyle and personality. When you develop a good dress sense you will be able to walk into any store and know which clothes are right for you. A good dress sense means knowing what works for your body type, your age and your skin tone. Beyond this, it means feeling confident in your look. Its key to know Fashion is a perfect way to show your unique style and traits, it is a form of self-expression. To improve your dress sense, pay attention to the following;

The number one thing you can do to improve your sense of style is to look at how other people are doing it. What types of pieces are they wearing, what colors do they mix, what shoes do they pair with their outfits, how do they use accessories?

Dont buy or keep something that doesnt fit - Be realistic and honest with yourself. If it doesnt fit you, donate it to charity.

Seek Out Inspiration- Find stylish women to followwhether its your favorite Instagram style star or your sisters best friends cousin. Discover fashionistas whose style inspires you, then use their photos as inspiration to help plan your outfits. Choose a celebrity or a friend whose clothing choices you admire and build a similar wardrobe.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone- It never hurts to try something new. Experiment and find out what styles flatter your figure and express your unique personality.

Get to Know Your Body Shape- Build your closet with clothes that put the spotlight on your shape and favorite features. Identify the parts of your body you like most. Then find clothes that accentuate these features. For example, if you are proud of your waist, wear tops or dresses (i.e. fit and flare) that cinch at the waist.

Ask for Help if you need to

Purchase practical clothing that makes you feel confident.

Be picky when choosing the color of your clothing. Decide which shades look best on you and purchase the majority of your clothing within this range. For example, people with fair skin may look better in warm colors.

Introduce variety to your style. Women often get in the habit of wearing a single type of outfit. Try mixing up the type of outfits you wear; for example, if you usually don jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers, try adding dresses and sandals to your regular wardrobe and see how you feel.

Know the season: in as much as fashion is about expressing your own style, it is important that you dress according to the season. It will not be wise to wear a tank top in harmattan, don't you think?

Be well groomed: Ensure that your nails are clean and well-trimmed at all times. Also keep your shoes clean too.

Girl, do your hair more often, don't treat your hair as an afterthought.

Here's to expressing your style.

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